Yang, Peidong


S.K. and Angela Chan Distinguished Professor of Energy, Departments of Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering

B68 Hildebrand Hall
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: 510-643-1545
Fax: 510-642-7301


Research: http://www.cchem.berkeley.edu/pdygrp/main.html

Research Interests: 
Synthesis of new classes of materials and nanostructures

1993     B.S. Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China  
1997     Ph.D. Chemistry, Harvard University  

Professional Experience: 

  Professor, Department of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley 
  Deputy Director for Center of Integrated Nanomechanical Systems 
1999 Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara

Major Awards:

2005     ACS Pure Chemistry Award

2004      Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics

2004     MRS Outstanding Young Investigator Award

2004     Dupont Young Professorship

2004     Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award

2002     Arnold and Mabel Beckman Young Investigator Award

2001-2004     Alfred P. Sloan research fellow 

2000-2004     National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award 

2000     ExxonMobil Solid State Chemistry fellowship

2003     MIT Tech. Review TR 100

1999     Camille Dreyfus new faculty award