MSE Alumn, Matthew Scullin, in the News for His Startup Company focused on Converting Waste Heat into Electricity

Photo by Aaron M Sprecher,  Getty Images

Photo by Aaron M Sprecher, Getty Images

Everyday, there are countless amounts of heat that are wasted; the heat from the tailpipes in our cars, power plant chimneys, and the list goes on. Matthew Scullin founded Alphabet Energy in 2009 in order to find ways to make use of that wasted heat. Scullin’s company uses thermoelectrics, via what they call PowerBlocks, in order to harvest the wasted heat and turn it into something useful, power. Though thermoelectrics are a small fraction of the electricity generating market right now, Scullin is excited to continue building and spread knowledge about his new technology.

Scullin received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering here at Berkeley.

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