Gareth Thomas
Ph.D., Sc.D., Professor 
Member N.A.S., N.A.E. 
Technical Director, Acta Met Inc. Board of Governors

Dept. of Materials Science and Mineral Engineering 
210 Hearst Memorial Mining Building #1760 
  University of California 
 Berkeley CA 94720 

phone (510) 642-3813 
fax (510) 643-0965

   NOTE: Until further notice, Professor Thomas is not accepting new researchers (November 2000)

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CV Summary:

    1952--B.Sc.,First Class Hons, Cardiff University (UK)
    Ph.D. (1955), Sc.D. (1969), Cambridge University (U.K.)
    Honorary Doctorates: D.Sc., Lehigh University (USA) - 1996
    Dr. Hon.Causa.(Krakow, Poland) - 1999
    At Berkeley since 1960; Professor since 1966
    Formerly Assoc. Dean UC Graduate School
    Acting Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs UCB 1971/1972
    Founder National Center for Electron Microscopy at LBNL 1983
    Professor in the Graduate School, UCB 1995 ->
    Has graduated over 100 post graduates at UCB

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  • 1998- Technical Director, Acta Materialia, Inc. Board of Governors
  • 1995-98 Editor in Chief, Acta Materialia and Scripta Materialia
  • 1992  Founder Member, Editorial Board, NanoStructured Materials (Elsevier)
  • 1991-95 Vice President, International Federation of Societies for Electron Microscopy
  • 1986-90 President, International Federation of Societies for Electron Microscopy
  • 1983-elected member Nat. Acad.Sciences-USA
  • 1984-elected member Nat. Acad. Engineering-USA
  • 1974-86 Secretary General, International Federation of Societies for Electron Microscopy
  • 1991-94 Reappointed, Member, Board of Governors Acta Metallurgica, Inc.
  • 1987-88 Member, US Department of Energy E. O. Lawrence Award Selection Committee
  • 1982-85 Chairman, Acta Metallurgica, Inc. Board of Governors
  • 1985-90 Member, Acta Metallurgica, Inc. Board of Governors
  • 1978-81 TMS-AIME Board of Directors
  • 1975  President, Electron Microscopy Society of America
  • 1972-73 UC Covenio Program, Visiting Professor, University of Chile, Santiago,Chile
  • 1961-present Served on many national and international committees including National Research Council (USA), International Federation of Electron Microscopy Societies, EMSA, ASM, TMS, University of California, editorial boards, etc.

  •  Served on science and technology boards (Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, South Africa and Mexico) as materials advisor.
    Awards:    (Return)
  • 2003 Acta Materialia Gold medal
  • 2002 Charles Barrett Silver Medal
  • 2001 First Albany Int. Distinguished lecture in Mat. Sci & Engin. "Microstructural design of Engineering Materials" Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
  • 2001 ASM International Gold Medallist
  • 1999 Doctorate, Honoris Causa, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Kraków, Poland
  • 1998 Honorary Member, Japan Institute of  Metals
  • 1998 Managing Director, Acta Met. Inc., Board of Governors
  • 1996 Honorary Member, India Institute of Metals and Mat. Res. Soc.
  • 1996 Honorary Member, Korean Institute of Metals and Materials
  • 1996 Honorary D.Sc., Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • 1996 Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award, IFW, Dresden, Germany
  • 1995 "Best of What's New Award," Popular Science magazine, December 1995
  • 1995 The Berkeley Citation for Distinguished Achievement, U. C. Berkeley
  • 1994 Honorary Member, Mat. Res. Soc. of India
  • 1994 Medal of Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow
  • 1991 Albert Sauveur Achievement Award (ASM International)
  • 1987 I-R 100 Award, Research and Development Magazine
  • 1987 Elected, Fellow, Univ. Wales, Cardiff, UK
  • 1987 Henry Clifton Sorby Award, International Metallographic Society
  • 1985 Honorary Professorship-Beijing University of Science & Technology
  • 1983 Confucius Memorial Teaching Award, Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • 1983 Elected to the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.
  • 1982 Elected to the National Academy of Engineering, U.S.A.
  • 1981 Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award, Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart,
  • 1980 EMSA "Distinguished Scientist Award" for Physical Sciences
  • 1979 Fellow, Metallurgical Society of AIME
  • 1978 Ernest O. Lawrence Award (U.S. Department of Energy)
  • 1977 The Rosenhain Medal (The Metals Society, U.K.)
  • 1976 Fellow, Royal Microscopical Society, U.K.
  • 1976 Fellow, American Society for Metals
  • 1973 Visiting Professor at Nagoya University, Japan Society for Promotion of Science
  • 1971-72 Guggenheim Fellow; Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge University
  • 1970 Work chosen by Japanese Government, Japanese Pavilion Exhibition in Expo '70
  • 1969 Sc.D., Cambridge University, Cambridge, England
  • 1966 Curtis-McGraw Research Award (American Society for Engineering Education)
  • 1966 Grossman Publication Award (American Society for Metals) for paper "Structure and Strength of Ausformed Steels", Trans. ASM, 58, 563 (1965).
  • 1965 Bradley Stoughton Teaching Award, American Society for Metals
  • 1964 Miller Research Professor, UC Berkeley
  • 1953 National Undergraduate Student Prize, Institute of Metals (London)
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    Over 500 publications
    Recent Publications:  2002,2001,2000, 1999,1998,1997,1996,1995

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