MSE 261 – C261 Introduction to Nanoscience and Engineering

TCourse Number: MSE 261C
Course Units: 3
Instructor: Professor S. W. Lee (Dept. of Bioengineering), Professor Junqiao Wu

Course Description: 

This is an introductory course for students interested in the highly interdisciplinary field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. This course is divided into three modules, each lasting 1/3 of the semester: Physics of Nanomaterials (hard nanomaterials), Biological Nanomaterials (soft nanomaterials), and guest lectures.

A three-module introduction to the fundamental topics of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NSE) theory and research within chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering. This course includes quantum and solid-state physics, chemical synthesis, growth methodologies, characterization techniques, and the structure & properties of materials used in nanoscale devices. Students must take this course to satisfy the NSE Designated Emphasis core requirement. NSE C201 is also cross-listed as Materials Science and Engineering C261 and Physics C201. Grading within each module is based upon 2 take-home assignments, with final course grades normalized across all three modules.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in engineering, physics, chemistry, or chemical engineering, or consent of the instructors.

Course Format: Three hours of lecture per week, three modules.