MSE 251 – Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces

Course Number: MSE 251
Course Units: 3

Instructor: Professor T. Xu

Course Description: This 3-unit (two 1.5hr lectures per week) course is designed for graduate students to gain a fundamental understanding of the surface and interfacial science of polymeric materials. Beginning with a brief introduction of the principles governing polymer phase behavior in bulk, it develops the thermodynamics of polymers in thin films and at interfaces, the characterization techniques to assess polymer behavior in thin films and at interfaces, and the morphologies of polymer thin films and other dimensionally-restricted structures relevant to nanotechnology and biotechnology. Field trips to national user facilities, laboratory demonstrations and hands-on experiments, and guest lectures will augment the course lectures.

Prerequisites: Chem 1A or E 5 required, MSE 151 recommended.

Course Format: Three hours of lecture per week.