MSE 223 – Semiconductor Materials

Course Number: MSE 223
Course Units: 3

Instructor: Oscar Dubon, Junqiao Wu

Course Description: 

This course focuses on modern physics, processing and applications of semiconductor materials. Topics covered include: semiconductor growth, band structure, carrier statistics, point defects, nanostructures and quantum confinement, electrostatics, electrodynamics, classical dielectric theory, Boltzmann transport theory, phonons and thermal physics, thermoelectrics, optical effects, device physics of light emitting diodes and solar cells, and emerging exotic semiconductors.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in engineering, physics or chemistry. Having taken courses equivalent to Physics7 series or MSE111 at Berkeley; or, know calculus, vectors, ordinary and partial differential equations, linear algebra, and basics of electromagnetism, optics, solid state physics, and quantum mechanics.

Course Format: Three hours of lecture per week.