Professor Phillip Messersmith Co-Authors Paper on Drug-Induced Tissue Regeneration

Professor Phillip Messersmith has co-authored groundbreaking research showing that a primitive form of tissue regeneration can be harnessed to achieve spontaneous tissue regeneration in adult mice, without the need for stem cells. The study findings were reported in Science Translational Medicine. Full story on Main Line Health Newsroom site here

Professor Digby Macdonald Awarded 2015 Olin Palladium Award of the Electrochemical Society

Digby Macdonald has been awarded the 2015 Olin Palladium Award of the Electrochemical Society. The award was established in 1950 and is awarded once every two years to honor “distinguished contributions of the field of electrochemical or corrosion science.”

Wu Group Study Shows Defects Can “Hulk- Up” Materials

(From left) Joonki Suh, Wladek Walukiewicz and Junqiao Wu (Photo by Roy Kaltschmidt)

As the exposure to gamma radiation transformed scientist Bruce Banner into the Hulk, exposure to alpha-particle radiation, has shown to “Hulk-Up” certain thermoelectric materials, transforming them into more powerful versions of themselves. When properly managed, a damaged thermoelectric material’s performance can be enhanced by a factor up to ten. The ability of thermoelectric materials to […]

Ritchie and Colleagues Publish Paper on Why Skin is Resistant to Tearing


A group of researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), including MSE’s Professor Robert Ritchie, and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), conducted a study showing why skin is remarkably resistant to tearing. Using the X-ray beans at LBNL’s Advanced Light Source (ALS), the group was able to identify four specific mechanisms in […]

Accelerating Materials Discovery With World’s Largest Database of Elastic Properties

Materials Sciences team of Wei Chen, Maarten de Jong, and Mark Asta - world's largest set of elastic tensor data.

A team of Berkeley Lab scientists, including MSE department’s Chair Mark Asta and Ph.D. candidate Maarten de Jong, have published the world’s largest database of the complete elastic properties of inorganic compounds. The data set is expected to be beneficial to materials scientists working on developing new materials where mechanical properties are important(i.e. stiff materials […]

Professor Yao receives Hellman Fellowship

Assistant Professor Jie Yao was named a recipient of a Hellman Fellowship from the the UC Berkeley campus for 2015-16.  This award was created at Berkeley in 1995 by a generous gift from the late F. Warren Hellman.  The fellowship was established to support assistant professors who have shown evidence of their promise for great […]

MSE C250 – Nanomaterials in Medicine

Course Number: MSE C250 Course Units: 3 INSTRUCTORS: Professor Phillip Messersmith CATALOG DESCRIPTION: The course is designed for graduate students interested in the emerging field of nanomedicine. The course will involve lectures, literature reviews and proposal writing. Students will be required to formulate a nanomedicine research project and write an NIH-style proposal during the course. The culmination of this […]

In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Victor F. Zackay

Professor Victor Zackay passed away on March 14, 2015, at the age of 94. Professor Zackay joined our department in 1962, and in his career he supervised over 100 graduate students.  He was an Associate Dean in the College of Engineering, and Associate Director for Research at LBNL.  He received a number of awards for […]

UC Berkeley Student Wins Best Poster Award at MRS


Members of the Martin Group celebrate the best poster award, from left to right Josh Agar (Ph.D candidate, Shishir Pandya (Ph.D. candidate and award winner), Anoop Damodaran (Postdoctoral researcher), and Eric Breckenfeld (Ph.D. from Martin Group in May 2014) Graduate student Shishir Pandya (adviser Lane Martin) was recognized with a Best Poster Award at the […]

Kumai, Chris


Lecturer 270 Hearst Memorial Mining Building Berkeley, CA 94720 Phone: 510-642-3827 Office Hours: Monday 1:00pm-2:00pm, Tuesday 5:00pm-6:00pm Education: 1985 B.S. Materials Science and Mineral Engineering, University of California, Berkeley 1992 M.S. Materials Science and Mineral Engineering, University of California, Berkeley 2000 Ph.D. Materials Science and Mineral Engineering, University of California, Berkeley   Professional Experience: […]