Professors Ramesh, Martin and Colleagues identify novel “polar vortices”

As winter sets in across the country, scientists in MSE at Berkeley have proved that even sunny California can experience a polar vortex now and then. In this case, however, those polar vortices are only a few nanometers wide and could represent a hot new direction in materials science. In a recent report in the […]

Density Functional Theory: The State of the Art

Professor Persson’s group recently published a paper detailing case studies in which density functional theory (DFT) has led to a paradigm change in computational materials science, whereby theorists are not only able to help explain and interpret the properties of materials but also have an active role in predicting completely new materials with specific properties […]

Professor Alivisatos Appointed Vice Chancellor for Research

Professor Paul Alivisatos will assume the position of Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) at UC Berkeley on March 1.  This appointment follows Professor Alivisatos’ service for seven years as the Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  In his role as VCR he will oversee the campus research portfolio, which generates approximately $700 million in grants […]

Professor Alivisatos wins National Medal of Science

On December 22, 2015 the White House announced that Paul Alivisatos was awarded the National Medal of Science.  Professor Alivisatos is the Samsung Distinguished Chair in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering, Director of the Kavli Energy NanoSciences Institute, and Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  The award recognizes […]