In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Alan Searcy


Alan W. Searcy, a professor emeritus in the College of Engineering, passed away on November 5, at the John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek.

E 40 – Engineering Thermodynamics

Course Number: E40 Course Units:  4, 3 hours of lecture + 1 hour of discussion per week INSTRUCTORS: Professors Andreas M. Glaeser and Mark D. Asta CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Fundamental laws of thermodynamics for simple substances; application to flow processes and to non-reacting mixtures; statistical thermodynamics of ideal gases and crystalline solids; chemical and materials thermodynamics; multiphase […]

MSE 45 – Properties of Materials

Course Number:  MSE 45 Course Units: 3, 3 hours of lecture per week + 6 laboratories (3 hours each) INSTRUCTORS: Professors Thomas M. Devine, Ronald Gronsky, John W. Morris, Jr.  and Ramamoorthy Ramesh. TEXTBOOK: The Structure and Properties of Materials, J.W. Morris, Jr., McGraw Hill, 2005. CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Application of basic principles of physics and […]

Miquel Salmeron wins the 2012 MRS Medal


August 15, 2012 –   Miquel Salmeron has been awarded the 2012 MRS Medal, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the molecular level understanding of material surfaces, made possible by the development and application of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Ambient Pressure Photo-electron spectroscopy. 

Tirrell, Matthew


Professor Emeritus, Materials Science & Engineering

MSE 150C – Introduction to Materials Chemistry

Course Number: MSE 150C Course Units: 3   Instructor: Staff Course Description: The application of basic chemical principles to problems in materials discovery, design, and characterization will be discussed. Topics covered will include inorganic solids, nanoscale materials, polymers, and biological materials, with specific focus on the ways in which atomic-level interactions dictate the bulk properties of matter. […]

MSE 102 – Bonding, Crystallography and Defects

Course Number: MSE 102 Course Units: 3 INSTRUCTORS: Professor Daryl C. Chrzan CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Bonding in solids; classification of metals, semiconductors, and insulators; crystal systems; point, line, and planar defects in crystals; examples of crystallographic and defect analysis in engineering materials; relationship to physical and mechanical properties. COURSE PREREQUISITES: Engineering 45 PREREQUISITE KNOWLEDGE AND/OR SKILLS TEXTBOOK(S) AND/OR OTHER […]

MSE 118C – Biological Performance of Materials.

Course Number: MSE 118C Course Units: 4   INSTRUCTOR: Professor Kevin Healy    Prerequisites: Bioengineering C105B/Mechanical Engineering C105B or equivalent, Bioengineering 102 and 104, Engineering 45, and Molecular and Cell Biology 130 recommended. Description: This course is intended to give students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of topics related to biomedical materials selection and design. Structure-property […]

MSE 136 – Materials in Energy Technologies

Course Number: MSE 136 Course Units: 4 Instructor: Professor Kristin Persson Course Description: In many, if not all, technologies, it is materials that play a crucial, enabling role. This course examines potentially sustainable technologies, and the materials properties that enable them. The science at the basis of selected energy technologies are examined and considered in case studies. […]

MSE 290A – Special Topics in Materials Science

Course Number: MSE 290A Course Units: 3   Instructor: Staff Course Description: Lectures and appropriate assignments on fundamental or applied topics of current interest in materials science and engineering Course Format: Three hours of lecture per week Prerequisites: Graduate standing. Formerly 290M