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Equipment Tsars, Superusers and Coordinators:
Safety and keys: Penghong
Chemicals, furnaces & Hood: Yabin
Probe-station & Electronics: Huili / Changhyun
Atomic Force Microscope: Bivas / Changhyun
Computers & Software: Sarah
Optical microscopes and heaters: Lei / Kaichen
Hall, Seebeck and thermal: Hwan-Sung / Huili
TDTR in LBNL: Ke / Chen-Ying
RBS and HIM irradiation: Hwan-Sung / Bivas
Optics, PL & PR in LBNL: Yabin / Dr. Ager
MicroRaman & microPL: Yabin / Penghong
Cryostats: Hwan-Sung / Huili
Pulsed Laser Deposition in LBNL: Kaichen
Diamond Anvil Cells: Penghong / Yabin
Molecular Foundry Equipment in LBNL: Changhyun / Sarah
Routine Lab Supplies: Penghong / Lei

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For a list of group members please click here.