Undergraduate Research

Since 1868, UC Berkeley’s Materials Science and Engineering Department (then called the College of Mining) has been educating the best Engineers in the world, and conducting cutting edge research. (For example, a Berkeley graduate invented the mouse, and a Berkeley professor wrote the code that is used for the design of solid state circuits.)

Today, this tradition continues. The faculty of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering are actively engaged in research. This provides an important context for all of the courses taught within the Department, and it is common for faculty members to draw examples for their courses from their present research efforts.

More importantly, upper division undergraduate students within the Department have the opportunity to participate directly in faculty research efforts. The campus has a number of programs aimed at getting undergraduates involved in research. However, many students simply join a faculty members research effort after making personal contact with the faculty member.

Either way, undergraduate research experience can be an important part of a Cal education. It presents the opportunity for the student to apply knowledge learned in courses within a research context, and the experience gained can make the student more attractive to both future employers and graduate school admissions committees.

Many opportunities for research can be found on the College of Engineering’s student research pages. Other research opportunities can be found on the Undergraduate Research at Berkeley website.


To enroll in research units with MSE faculty, fill out the H194 Honors Undergraduate Research Form and Petition.For further information on how to enroll in research units with a MSE faculty, please contact Ariana Castro (msessa@nullberkeley.edu) in 210 HMMB.