Ritchie, Robert


H. T. & Jessie Chua Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering 

381 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720



Phone: 510-486-5798

Fax: 510-643-5792


Research Interests: 
Fracture mechanics and fatigue-crack propagation 

1969     B.A., Physics and Metallurgy, Cambridge University

1973     Ph.D, Materials Science, Cambridge University

1990     Sc.D, Cambridge University  

Professional Activities: 

1982  Professor, Materials Science, UC Berkeley   
1990-1994 Deputy Director of the Materials Sciences Division at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
1987-1995 Director of the Center for Advanced Materials, UC Berkeley
1979 Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, M.I.T

Major Awards: 

President and Honorary Fellow of the International Congress on Fracture, 1997-2001 

Rosenhain Medal from the Institute of Materials, 1992

Mathewson Gold Medal, 1985

George R. Irwin Medal , 1985