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Useful links for the Webergroup

Pages at UC Berkeley campus:

MSME Department: http://www.mse.berkeley.edu/

MSE Seminar:  http://www.mse.berkeley.edu/Seminars/seminars_fall_spr.html

Campus Purchasing FAQ: http://www.mse.berkeley.edu/faculty/weber/pofaq.html

How to arrage travel (Campus / LBNL): http://www.mse.berkeley.edu/MainStuff/FAQ/travel.html

ERL timesheets:  http://divine.EECS.Berkeley.EDU/~erl/timesheet.html

Webpage Edit: http://www.mse.berkeley.edu/siteedit/siteedit.html

Pages at LBNL:

Support services (Computing, Directory, Environment/Health & Safety, Forms, Network, Library, Site Access, Telephone, etc,)

Publishing papers with LBNL affiliation: http://www-library.lbl.gov/teid/tmRco/aboutus/RcoDefault.htm

LBNL information/directory update form: http://www-ntd.lbl.gov/ics/changelist.html

Conference room reservation : http://teamweb.lbl.gov/Conference/

Audio-Visual Equiment (rental of projectors etc.): http://www.lbl.gov/ICSD/TEID/av/index.htm

Safety trainging videos: https://training.lbl.gov

Lab holiday schedule: http://www.lbl.gov/Workplace/holiday-schedule.html

Gate pass and parking for visitors: http://info-b.lbl.gov:591/visitor_pass/

Fax Numbers

ERW's fax: 642-2069
B62/B66 fax: 486-4995
B2 fax: 486-5530
Microlab fax: 642-2916



MBE1 (Cory Hall): 643-7578
MBE2 (Cory Hall): 642-4074
MBE B2: 486-4688
Diffractometer (440 LeConte): 642-6790
Noise (409 Cory) 642-1035 / 642-8514
PL-Bldg 2: 486-5609
DLTS Lab-Bldg 62: 486-5569



MSME Department office: 642-3801
Microlab (Cory Hall): 642-2716
CCH group: (147M Lab) 3-2330
(Jake/PC 175M) 3-8847
(Chi-Hao199M) 2-1023



Wendy/Washburn group: 486-6254
Machine shop (Cory Hall): 643-8403
Haller Group: 486-4555
LBNL craft stores: 486-5087
LBNL stockroom: 486-5268
LBNL central stores: 486-6224
LBNL regulator shop: 486-5481


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