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GaAs and related materials
Wide bandgap semiconductors
Scanning tunneling microscopy of semiconductor defects

Semiconductor materials engineering

Our research is focused on semiconductor materials. The properties of a semiconductor are to a large degree determined by defects such as intrinsic point defects, dislocations or unintended impurities. Therefore, our work involves to a large degree defects. Our final goal is understanding of such defects in a way that we can use ore avoid them to engineer the desired properties of a material. We are mainly focused on three groups of materials: Si, GaAs, and wide-bandgap semiconductors such as GaN. Our work ranges from MBE growth (especially of III-V compounds) and characterization to the processing of device structures to test our materials.

For characterization we employ a wide range of techniques. Routinely, optical methods (absorption spectroscopy, reflection, photoluminescence, MCD), electrical characterization (IV, CV, DLTS, ECV), magnetic resonance techniques (EPR, photo EPR. ODMR), and microscopy (TEM, STM), are used.

Our location at UC Berkeley as part of the Materials Science and Engineering Department and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory enables us direct access to many of their facilities, such as the Micro Fabrication Lab, the Integrated Materials Lab, the National Center for Electron Microscopy, and the Advanced Light Source.


Prof. Eicke R. Weber
Materials Science & Engineering
374 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley CA 94720
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