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We are a research group that focuses on magnetics and photonics. In the area of magnetics, our efforts are in (i) novel thin film materials synthesis and characterization, (ii) nanostructure fabrication and characterization and (iii) device fabrication and characterization. The themes in our magnetics research include developing an understanding of the nature of magnetism at surfaces and interfaces that is crucial for both fundamental and technological reasons. Interfaces can be exploited to generate functional properties not present in their constituent materials and to develop new classes of devices. In the area of photonics, we have developed passive optical devices via electron lithography and have combined our expertise in magnetics and photonics to study magnetophotonic functionality.

Suzuki Lab Group Picture Summer 2009

Suzuki group, Summer 2009
From left to right:
Shaobo Zhu, Virat Mehta, Jodi Iwata, Joanna Bettinger, Franklin Wong, Professor Yuri Suzuki, Eun Ji Kim, Xiaofang Zhai, June Bott, Rachel Luo