Information for New MSE Graduate Students

  1. Check out Graduate Division’s Graduate Student Handbook for new entering students.
  2. Get a Desk: a student committee governs seating in the Graduate Student Bay.  The Graduate Student Bay is located in rooms 330 and 450 HMMB.  Once you have selected a graduate research supervisor, please see your group representative for available seating at the Student Bay.
  3. Get Building and Lab Access:  Keys to all MSE laboratories in HMMB and the HMMB building require authorization by both the research supervisor, and the group safety committee representative. Card keys are built into the student photo ID cards. Metal keys require a deposit (cash only). Keys and card key permissions can be obtained from Jennifer Teverbaugh during her office hours.
  4. Know where to Make Xerox copies:  There is a copy machine located in the Department Office, 210E HMMB, that can be used for making copies in connection with the student’s research work. You must have the permission of your research supervisor to use their auditron (an auditing key to enable the copy machine) for this purpose.
  5. Know Where Your Mail Will be Delivered: All MSE graduate students have mailbox space in the Department Office, 210 HMMB, for graduate work related purposes.  Be sure to stop by the office periodically, to check for mail. Please note that it is not possible to provide individual mailboxes for students, so mail for several students are in the same mailbox (alphabetically by first letter of last name). Please be advised that University regulations prohibit the use of the University’s address for personal mail. Any personal mail, including bank statements, drivers’ licenses, etc. sent to the university address will be returned to the sender.
  6. Keep the graduate student affairs officer in the Main MSE Office informed: When you select your research supervisor, or have any changes to your address, phone or email, please be sure to let them know, so they can update the database.