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The Doyle Group at the University of California, Berkeley, is engaged in research on the chemical and electrochemical processing and behavior of minerals, materials, wastes and effluents, predominantly in aqueous systems. We are particularly focused on improving the environmental impact of processing operations, whether by using more benign reagents, by improving reagent usage, processing more efficiently, or using less energy. Some research in the group is directed at environmental remediation. Other work addresses energy storage. Several projects are done in collaboration with other researchers at Berkeley and elsewhere. Please explore the web pages of group members to learn more about the individual projects.


Interested in joining the Doyle Group?

Berkeley students (both graduate and undergraduate) – please contact me by email, discussing your specific interests and skills

Prospective graduate students – all prospective graduate students MUST submit a formal application for admission to the University of California, Berkeley. Details are provided on the MSE website under the “Graduate” tab. I am able to provide financial aid in the form of a research assistantship to two or three admitted students annually interested in working with me. If you are interested in working in the Doyle group, please discuss your research interests and goals in your statement of purpose. Admissions are extremely competitive, particularly for international applicants. Successful applicants have very high grades and test scores, strong letters of recommendation and thoughtful statements of purpose

Prospective postdoctoral scholars – although I do not have many openings, please contact me by email and discuss the particular project(s) that interest you, and the expertise that you would bring to the project. Due to the volume of inquiries that I receive, I am unable to respond to blanket requests from scholars whose expertise clearly does not correspond to my research

Internships – I do not offer internships, and due to the volume of inquiries that I receive, I am unable to respond to requests for these