MSE 261 – C261 Introduction to Nanoscience and Engineering

TCourse Number: MSE 261C Course Units: 3   Instructor: Professor S. W. Lee (Dept. of Bioengineering), Professor Junqiao Wu   Course Description:  This is an introductory course for students interested in the highly interdisciplinary field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. This course is divided into three modules, each lasting 1/3 of the semester: Physics of Nanomaterials (hard nanomaterials), Biological Nanomaterials (soft […]

MSE 260 – Surface Properties of Materials

Course Number: MSE 260 Course Units: 3   Instructor: Miquel Salmeron Catalog Description: Thermodynamics of surfaces and phase boundaries, surface tension of solids and liquids, surface activity, absorption, phase equilibria, and contact angles, electrochemical double layers at interfaces, theory, and applications. Prerequisites: Graduate standing in Engineering. Course Format: Two one and one-half hours of lecture.

MSE 251 – Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces

Course Number: MSE 251 Course Units: 3   Instructor: Professor T. Xu Course Description: This 3-unit (two 1.5hr lectures per week) course is designed for graduate students to gain a fundamental understanding of the surface and interfacial science of polymeric materials. Beginning with a brief introduction of the principles governing polymer phase behavior in bulk, it develops the thermodynamics […]

MSE 241 – Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis Techniques

Course Number: MSE 241 Course Units: 2   Instructor: Ronald Gronsky, Andrew Minor Catalog Description: Basic techniques and operations of transmission, and scanning, electron microscopy; x-ray microanalysis, energy loss spectroscopy; specimen preparation, interpretation of data; individual projects in materials science. Prerequisites: MSE 204 (can be taken concurrently). Course format: 6 hours per week of lab.

MSE 226C – Photovoltaic Materials: Modern Technologies in the Context of a Growing Renewable Energy Market

Course Number: MSE 226C Course Units: 2   Instructor: Staff Catalog Description: Introduction to electronic and optical properties of semiconductors, fundamentals of photovoltaic energy conversion, current photovoltaic materials, photovoltaic devices, photovoltaic systems, grid integration, photovoltaics in a growing global renewable energy market, PV market analysis, novel photovoltaic materials, quantum photovoltaics, with field trip. Prerequisites: MSE 111, or MSE 123, or […]

MSE 225 – Thin Film Science and Technology

Course Number: MSE 225C Course Units: 3   Instructor: Professor J. Wu Course Description: This course provides an introduction to the preparation methods, characterization techniques, and the physical properties of thin films. Topics covered include: gas kinetics, vacuum science and technology, thin film deposition techniques, growth process and modes, thin film processing, characterization, epitaxy, lattice engineering, metastable phases, artificial […]

MSE 224 – Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Course Number: MSE 224 Course Units: 3   Instructor: Staff Catalog Description: This course covers the fundamentals of magnetism and magnetic materials in the first two thirds of the class. Topics included magnetic moments in classical versus quantum mechanical pictures, diamagnetism, paramagnetism, crystal field environments, dipolar and exchange interactions, ferromagnetism, antiferromagnetism, magnetic domains, magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction. Magnetic materials […]

MSE 223 – Semiconductor Materials

Course Number: MSE 223 Course Units: 3   Instructor: Oscar Dubon, Junqiao Wu Course Description:  This course focuses on modern physics, processing and applications of semiconductor materials. Topics covered include: semiconductor growth, band structure, carrier statistics, point defects, nanostructures and quantum confinement, electrostatics, electrodynamics, classical dielectric theory, Boltzmann transport theory, phonons and thermal physics, thermoelectrics, optical effects, device physics […]

MSE 221 – Fuel Cells, Batteries and Chemical Sensors – Principles, Processes,Materials and Technology

Course Number: MSE 221 Course Units: 3   Instructor: Staff   Catalog Description: Considered first are the principles and electrode processes of electrochemical devices, chiefly fuel cells, but also batteries and chemical sensors. Then various transport processes in liquid, polymeric, and solid electrolytes are discussed. AC and DC analytical methods are described. Discussed are various fuel cell types, […]

MSE 216 – C216 Macromolecular Science in Biotechnology and Medicine

Course Number: MSE 216C Course Units: 4   Instructor: Professor Kevin E. Healy Catalog Description: Overview of the problems associated with the selection and function of polymers used in biotechnology and medicine. Principles of polymer science, polymer synthesis, and structure-property-performance relationships of polymers. Particular emphasis is placed on the performance of polymers in biological environments. Interaction between macromolecular and […]