New technology could wean the battery world off cobalt

Lithium batteries use more than 50 percent of all cobalt produced globally. This is because lithium ions are stored in cathodes which are layered structures. Cobalt is crucial to maintaining this layered structure.  Now, a research team led by scientists at UC Berkeley, including MSE’s Gerbrand Ceder, has opened the door to using other metals for lithium-based […]

Record-breaking Energy Conversion of Waste Heat

A team of students lead by Prof. Lane Martin in Materials Science and Engineering and Prof. Chris Dames in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley have made an important demonstration of novel waste heat to electrical energy conversion based on a process called pyroelectric energy conversion. Nearly 70 percent of the energy produced in the United […]

Valleytronics Discovery Could Extend Limits of Moore’s Law

Transistors are widely used in electronic applications, acting like switches with on/off states that are controlled by electric currents. As there is an ever-increasing need to pack more transistors into a unit volume, commonly known as the Moore’s Law, there have been concerns over the approaching of the physical size limit of transistors. Many advancements […]

Berkeley MSE Graduate Ranking Moves up to #3 in 2018 USN&WR Rankings:

The 2018 US News and World Reports graduate rankings have been released and UC Berkeley’s Materials Engineering program has moved up a slot to number 3 in the nationally.  The complete rankings and links to more details can be found here.

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BEARS (University of California, Berkeley) and CARES (University of Cambridge) team up in a new intra-CREATE programme

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A three-year programme will bring together researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, University of Cambridge, the, the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to develop ways of transforming carbon dioxide (CO₂) emitted as part of the industrial process into compounds that are useful in the chemical industry supply chain.  It commenced […]

MSE Leads the Way in Safety at UC Berkeley

The laboratory compound run by Professors Martin and Ramesh was named the winner of the UC Berkeley Excellence in Laboratory Safety Award in the Large Physical Sciences category. Professor Martin will represent the laboratory at the award ceremony in Feb. 2018. This award is given to one laboratory on campus based on the results of […]

Hand in Hand: Using the handedness of X-rays to probe the handedness of electronic vortices

Chirality – or handedness – is an intriguing symmetry property in nature and it simply means that a chiral system is non-superposable on its mirror image. An example of a chiral system we all know are our hands: When the thumbs point in the same direction, the palms are opposite. Your hands are mirror images, […]

Professors Asta and Chrzan in New Leadership Roles

Professor Asta ended his term as Department Chair of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) on January 1, and has assumed the role of Materials Sciences Division Director at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Professor Asta’s leadership has been invaluable to MSE, and MSE thanks him for his service.  Though Prof. Asta will be missed as […]