2012 commencement

2012 commencement, photo by Chris Kumai

Materials Science and Engineering encompasses all natural and man-made materials – their extraction, synthesis, processing, properties, characterization, and development for technological applications. Advanced engineering activities that depend upon optimized materials include the medical device and healthcare industries, the energy industries, electronics and photonics, transportation, advanced batteries and fuel cells, and nanotechnology. Students in materials science and engineering develop a fundamental understanding of materials at the nano, micro and macro scales, leading to specialization in such topics as: biomaterials; chemical and electrochemical materials science and engineering; computational materials science and engineering;  electronic, magnetic and optical materials; and structural materials. As in the past, today’s materials advancements enables new technological breakthroughs across all engineering disciplines.

Quick Facts about Materials Science & Engineering at UC Berkeley

Number of faculty: 17 core faculty, 5 joint, 5 adjunct, 14 emeritus
Department chair: Professor Daryl Chrzan
Undergraduate students: 179
Number of BS Graduates for Academic Year 2017-2018: 30
Graduate students: 139
National Ranking, Graduate: #3, US News and World Report
National Ranking, Undergraduate: #2, US News and World Report
Worldwide Ranking: #3, QS World University Rankings
Worldwide Ranking: #2, Shanghai Ranking
Worldwide Ranking: #5, US News and World Reports