MSE 213 – Environmental Effects on Materials Properties and Behavior

Course Number: MSE 213 Course Units: 3   Instructor: Professor Thomas M. Devine   Catalog Description: Review of electrochemical aspects of corrosion; pitting and crevice corrosion; active/passive transition; fracture mechanics approach to corrosion; stress corrosion cracking; hydrogen embrittlement, liquid metal embrittlement; corrosion fatigue; testing methods. Prerequisites: MSE 112 or equivalent. Course Format: Two one and one half hour lectures per week.

MSE 212 – C212 Deformation, Fracture and Fatigue

Course Number: MSE 212C Course Units: 4 Instructor: Professor Robert O. Ritchie Catalog Description: A survey of the mechanical and microstructural aspects of fracture and failure in structural metals, ceramics, polymers and composites. Topics include deformation, linear elastic and non-linear fracture mechanics, and elastic-plastic fracture mechanics. Fatigue of engineering material will be covered from a defect-tolerant, stress-life and […]

MSE 211C – Mechanics of Solids

Course Number: MSE 211C Course Units: 3   Instructors: Staff   Catalog Description: Mechanical response of materials: Simple tension in elastic, plastic and viscoelastic members.Continuum mechanics: The stress and strain tensors, equilibrium, compatability. Three-dimensional elastic, plastic and viscoelastic problems. Thermal, transformation, and dealloying stresses. Applications: Plane problems, stress concentrations at defects, metal forming problems. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of […]

MSE 205 – Defects in Solids

Course Number: MSE 205 Course Units: 3   Instructor: Professor John Morris Catalog Description: Many properties of solid state materials are determined by lattice defects. This course treats in detail the structure of crystal defects, defect formation and optical properties of crystalline materials. Prerequisites: Physics 7C or consent of instructor. Course Format: Three hours of lecture per week.

MSE 204 – Theory of Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Diffraction

Course Number: MSE 204 Course Units: 3     Instructor: Professor A. Minor Catalog Description: Basic principles of techniques used in the characterization of engineering materials by electron mi8croscopy, diffraction, and spectroscopy; emphasis on detailed analysis of defects responsible for materials properties. Modern electrical, optical and particle beam techniques for the characterization of bulk single crystals and their crystalline […]

MSE 202C – Computational Design of Multifunctional/Multiphysical Composite Materials

Course Number: MSE 202C Course Units: 3   Course Format Three hours of lecture per week Course Description The course is self-contained and is designed in an interdisciplinary manner for graduate students in engineering, materials science, physics, and applied mathematics who are interested in methods to accelerate the laboratory analysis and design of new materials. Examples draw […]

MSE 202 – Crystal Structure and Bonding

Course Number: MSE 202 Course Units: 3    Instructor:   Professor Daryl C. Chrzan    Catalog Description: Regular, irregular arrays of points, spheres; lattices, direct, reciprocal; crystallographic point and space groups; atomic structure; bonding in molecules; bonding in solids; ionic (Pauling rules), covalent, metallic bonding; structure of elements, compounds, minerals, polymers. Prerequisites: None. Course Format: Three hours of lecture per week.

MSE 200A – Survey of Materials Science

Course Number: MSE 200A Course Units: 4   Instructor: Professor John W. Morris, Jr.   Catalog Description: A survey of Materials Science at the beginning graduate level, intended for those who did not major in the field as undergraduates. Focus on the nature of microstructure and its manipulation and control to determine engineering properties. Reviews bonding, structure and microstructure, […]

MSE 201A-B – Thermodynamics and Phase Transformations in Solids

Course Number: MSE 201AB Course Units: 4 Instructors: Professors Gerbrand Ceder (201 A) and Daryl C. Chrzan (201 B) Catalog Description: The laws of thermodynamics, fundamental equation for multicomponent elastic solids and electromagnetic media, equilibrium criteria. Application to solution thermodynamics, point defects in solids, phase diagrams. Phase transitions, Landau rule, symmetry rules. Interfaces, nucleation theory, elastic effects. Kinetics: diffusion of heat, […]

MSE 199 – Supervised Independent Study

Course Number: MSE 199 Course Units: 1-4   UNITS: 1-4 (Must be taken on a pass/not pass basis.)   INSTRUCTORS: Staff   CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Supervised independent study. Enrollment restrictions apply; see the Introduction to Courses and Curricula section of the catalog. PREREQUISITES: Consent of instructor and major adviser. COURSE FORMAT: Individual conferences. Course may be repeated for a maximum of four […]