E 115 – Engineering Thermodynamics

Course Number: E115 Course Units:  4, 3 hours of lecture + 1 hour of discussion per week INSTRUCTORS: Professors Andreas M. Glaeser and Mark D. Asta CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Fundamental laws of thermodynamics for simple substances; application to flow processes and to non-reacting mixtures; statistical thermodynamics of ideal gases and crystalline solids; chemical and materials thermodynamics; multiphase and […]

E 045 – Properties of Materials

Course Number:  E45Course Units: 3, 3 hours of lecture per week + 6 laboratories (3 hours each) INSTRUCTORS: Professors Thomas M. Devine, Ronald Gronsky, John W. Morris, Jr.  and Ramamoorthy Ramesh. TEXTBOOK: The Structure and Properties of Materials, J.W. Morris, Jr., McGraw Hill, 2005. CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Application of basic principles of physics and chemistry to […]